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Feline-ium 238

| Romantic | May 29, 2012

(My boyfriend sometimes has night terrors. He will often wake me up because of them, at which point I have to calm him down and get him back to sleep. This particular night, he wakes me up out of a dead sleep.)

Boyfriend: “Get up! You have to get the cat!”

(Still half asleep, and only responding to his terror, I jump out of bed and start chasing the cat.)

Me: “Where is she?!”

Boyfriend: “Under the bed! Quick!”

Me: *starting to wake up* “Wait, why am I chasing the cat?”

Boyfriend: “Because she’s going nuclear! She’s going to explode!”

Me: “…You’re having a dream, hun. Go back to sleep.”

Boyfriend: “I am?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boyfriend: “Oh… Okay.”

(To this day, I respond to every one of his random acts with ‘the cat’s gone nuclear!’)

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