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Feels Like Tagalo(n)g

| Related | March 8, 2012

(I am a Londoner married to a Filipino woman. We have been married a few years and I have learnt the names and looks of most Filipino foods. I am attending one of her many family gatherings, and I am impressing her grandmother with my knowledge of the dishes on display.)

Me: “This is adobo, right?”

Grandmother: “That’s right! You like adobo?”

Me: “It’s my favorite. And this is pancit.”

Grandmother: “Yes, that’s my favorite.”

(I continue to name some more dishes, and then find one I do not recognise. It looks like a layer of brown, fried food but I cannot identify it.)

Me: “This looks new, what is this?”

(The grandmother looks at me strangely. My wife nudges me in the side.)

Wife: “That’s lasagna, babe.”

Me: “Lasagna?”

Wife: *devilish smile* “It’s for the white people.”

(I look around the room.)

Me: “I’m the only white person here.”

Grandmother: “Then I hope you like lasagna.”

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