Feeling Used

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(I’m working at the mall to pay for my college, I’m at the end of a long shift and it being the week before Christmas, I’ve had multiple customers come in not sure of what they want.)

Customer: “Hello, I’m Christmas shopping for my grandson. He said he will only wear his jeans from here. But do you have any that aren’t used?”

Me: *since all of our jeans are brand new and we’re a higher-end store I’m confused by her question* “I’m sorry, used?”

Customer: “Yes, the tag says used right above the price on his size jean. Do you have any that aren’t used?”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry but all of our jeans are brand new. Despite some customers trying them on, none of them are used.”


(She takes my arm and drags me to where some jeans are hanging up.)

Me: “Ma’am, can you please let go of my arm?”

Customer: “NO! Not until you see how stupid you are!” *by now we’re at the jeans* “See look! Used!”

Me: *reading the tag that says USD on it — all of our tags have this above the price* “Ma’am, that says USD, meaning U.S. dollars. Our company also has places in Canada; therefore, the tags are marked with U.S. dollars to avoid confusion.”

Customer: “I’m a well-educated woman. I can read, and these jeans say they are USED! GET ME YOUR MANAGER!”

(My manager, having viewed the whole transaction between me and the irate woman, comes over.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “Your stupid employee won’t show me where the new jeans are! These are USED!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, [My Name] isn’t very smart.” *to me* “Go help someone else.”

(My manager then explains to the customer the EXACT same thing I had told her. She finally seems to get it, they have a pleasant interaction, and the woman purchases two pairs of jeans and some shirts. I have the unfortunate pleasure of ringing her up.)

Customer: “You should really be re-trained. Your manager explained how you don’t listen well and don’t understand anything about store policy. Now, be sure you ring me up right.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “You should be.”

(The kicker about the whole thing: I got written up for poor work ethic, and my manager had me completely re-trained. I’d been working there for three years at that time. I quit shortly after that.)

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