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Feeling Plush This Christmas

, | Hopeless | December 23, 2016

(I work a part-time job as a bagger at a grocery store and have recently moved into an apartment that I don’t quite make enough money to afford without using my savings. It’s my first time living alone and it has been very stressful. On top of that, the second job I applied to and was pinning my hopes on just contacted me to tell me I didn’t get the position. All told, I was having a bad day and feeling very down. Then two events happened during the same shift.)

(First Event:)

Me: *bagging groceries for an older lady, noticing a small snowman plushy* “Oh, he’s just so cute!”

Older Lady: “Isn’t he?”

(I continue to bag, playing a little with the very soft plushy the whole time. When it comes time to finish and bag the toy, I ask the lady a question.)

Me: “He’s just so adorable! I want to get one. Where were they located?”

Older Lady: “I got the last one. Here, I’ll give him to you as a Christmas present; you can have him. I only got him because I thought he was cute.”

(I protest, saying that I can’t do that to her, but she insists. Eventually, I accept, a bit overwhelmed that a stranger would give me a Christmas gift like this, on a day I am feeling so down.)

Old Lady: “Merry Christmas!”

Me: “Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

(Second Event:)

(I am called up to the front office by a manager and told that the head cashier, the boss of the front end, needs me for something in the computer room, the enclosed room where the money is counted, among other things. I go, expecting to be given a task. The lights are off in the room and my boss is there with another manager.)

Me: “I was told you wanted me for something?”

Boss: “Yes, that’s right. I have something for you. Merry Christmas!” *gestures*

(I look, and there is a miniature artificial Christmas tree, decorated and lighted up, sitting on the counter.)

Boss: “Now your apartment will have a tree!”

(Much hugging and thanking ensued. I’m truly blessed and amazed with my work family.)

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