Feeling Fuel-ish

, | Right | September 7, 2009

(At the petrol station where I work, a customer comes barging into the store.)

Customer: “There’s $20 on my pump and I haven’t put any petrol in!”

Me: “What’s the problem exactly?”

Customer: “I haven’t put any petrol in but the pump says $20.”

Me: “Oh, that will be the sale from the last person who used the pump. It’s fine.”

Customer: “But there’s $20 on the pump, I’m not paying for their petrol. Why’s it not on zero?”

Me: Don’t worry, it resets itself.”

Customer: “But it says $20, not zero. It hasn’t reset.”

Me: “Yes, it has. Look I’ll show you.”

(I walk out to her pump with the customer behind me. Picking up the pump, the counters reset themselves to zero.)

Customer: “Oh… I’m not usually that stupid.”

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