Feeling Blue About The Roll Ups

| Working | January 25, 2016

(This is an email sent by one of the directors:)

Email: “PLEASE:

If you use the blue roll up in the toilets, CHANGE IT.

The key is next to the holder, and the blue roll is in the kitchen cupboard. If you don’t know how, ASK.

Whilst it is a mildly interesting diversion from my normal duties, I have no wish to hold the blue roll changing record at [Company], even though it seems that I do, because a number of people seem incapable of changing it. We are not big enough to have a person changing our blue roll every day, so please have some ‘ownership’ for your actions.

See this wonderful website if you are unsure of our values at [Company]:

( [Company website] ).

I look forward to approaching the blue roll holder with soaking wet hands and drying them without finding an empty dispenser that causes me distress.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday – Thank you!”

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