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Feeding Him Some Reality

, , , , | Right | July 30, 2019

(I am serving a customer who, while annoying at times, has become one of my favourite customers. This is the second time I have served her; the first time she was being badgered by her husband because he was hungry. He looks annoyed again and is standing a few metres away.)

Me: “Hi, welcome back. Please tell me you fed him this time.”

Customer: “Oh, you remembered us. Honey, she remembered us.”

(The husband just grunts. The customer wants to look at tablecloths, so I show her what we have. She chooses one and asks if I can open it so she can see the printed design properly.)

Customer: “Ooh, I like that.” *holds it up for her husband to see* “This one is nice; I’m going to buy it.”

Husband: *sounding cranky* “You make sure you get a new one; you aren’t buying an opened one.”

Customer: “You idiot, I made her open it for me.” *to me* “I’ll be taking this one.”

(I finish the transaction and smile at them both.)

Me: “Now, take your husband and get him something nice to eat.”

Husband: *starts laughing* “Best thing I’ve heard all day.”

(Since then, the husband has been less grumpy, and one day when I see them away from the shop, he points me out to her.)

Husband: “There’s that nice lady from [Store], the one that makes sure you feed me.”

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