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Feedback To Beat The Competition

, , , | Right | December 1, 2021

I work part-time in a grocery store shopping for customers who ordered via our app. I’m walking down the dairy aisle one morning when a customer approaches me.

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: *Looking down at my apron* “Yes, I do.”

Customer: “I’d like to speak to the manager.”

Me: “Okay! One moment.”

I walk over to the nearest employee in sight: the guy behind the fish and seafood counter. He’s a manager, so he goes over to speak to her while I continue my work. A little while later, I swing through that aisle again.

Me: “So, what did she complain about?”

Fish Guy: “Oh, she wanted to tell us she’s going to stop shopping here and start going to [Competitor].”

Me: “That was it?”

Fish Guy: “Yup.”

Such valuable feedback.

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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