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Faux Naturel

| Learning | July 12, 2013

(I’m an art student who draws very realistically. If the person has a mole or wrinkle, I’ll be sure to include it. The teacher has brought in a nude model that is sort of chubby. The art teacher inspects my work.)

Art Teacher: “Why are you drawing her fat!”

Me: “Huh? She’s chubby. So what?”

Art Teacher: “Don’t be mean!”

Me: “Im not trying to be mean. She’s chubby. So am I. Who cares?”

Art Teacher: “No, she won’t want to come back if you draw her fat. Fix it!”

(While he’s yelling at me, the nude model puts her robe on and comes over to look at my work.)

Nude Model: “Oh wow. Drawing all my rolls, eh?”

Me: “Yep. I have some too. Practically everyone has ’em.”

Nude Model: “Cool!” *walks away*

Art Teacher: “See how you’ve upset her!”

(I look at the model, who doesn’t seem to be the least bit upset. However, the teacher gave me the worst grade on my work!)

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