Father Used Norovirus And It Was Super-Effective

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(It’s nearing the end of the school year and a couple weeks from Father’s Day, and with nothing else to do, my classmates and I get into a discussion on our favorite childhood memories with our fathers.)

Classmate #1: “Our air conditioner wasn’t the greatest, so every summer when it got really, really hot, my dad would go to the store and buy a box of popsicles and we’d sit in his room with three fans going and eat the entire box while watching TV. He always let me eat all the red ones.”

Classmate #2: “My dad took me camping one year for Memorial Day and it rained the entire time, so we stayed in the tent and played board games and wrote a story.”

Classmate #3: “One year my sister and I got norovirus and had to stay home from school, and we kept throwing up in the same spot in the kitchen, so my dad put a masking tape line on the floor and told us that whoever could throw up that far would get to name our new puppy!”

Everyone Else: *long, extended silence*

Classmate #3: “And that’s why my dad let me name our dog Pikachu!”

(We then continued talking like that never happened.)

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