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Father Of The Brides

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(A while back, my mom freaked out because I am bi, and because I have a girlfriend. She told me to leave, and then that I couldn’t leave, but that I’d make my brother — who’s married to a woman! — gay by being near him. I’m still on good terms with the rest of my family, because my mom is the only one that’s made a big deal out of me having a wonderful girlfriend. My dad and brother fly out to meet me one day, leaving my brother’s wife at home with my niece. This happens when they get to my house. We go through formalities and all that, get them set up in their room and on the couch, because we’re in an apartment that we recently moved to with only two bedrooms. Eventually, my girlfriend leaves to go to the store to pick my brother up a toothbrush — he forgot his — and get some groceries. While she’s gone…)

Dad: “So, when do you think that you’ll get married?”

Me: “I don’t know. I mean, [Girlfriend] is ready, but I just think that we should wait until I have another job.”

Dad: “What? No. I meant, when are you leaving her to find a husband?”

Brother: “Dad!”

Me: “Um, hopefully never. I love [Girlfriend].”

Dad: “Yeah, but you can’t get married to a girl. The whole point of marriage is to have kids and a lasting relationship. Not a fling that ends in divorce.”

(I’m getting mad, now, but I’m trying to be level-headed.)

Me: “No, the whole point of marriage is to be legally tied with the person that you love.”

Dad: “People can’t just marry the same gender! It’s not right!”

Brother: “All right, enough! Dad, stop.”

Dad: “Stop what? Telling her exactly what she would have learned a few months into any—” *lifts up hands and does air-quotes* “—’marriage’ that she’d have with that [slur]?”

(I stood up and threw my drink at him, then stomped to my room. I could hear my brother yelling at my dad, and eventually my brother came in to talk to me. We decided then that when I do get married, he’s walking me down the aisle. And, bonus! I got a new job, and last night at dinner, my beautiful girlfriend proposed, and became my fiancée. I sent a photo to my whole family of me wearing the ring.)

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