My Father, The Daemon Muggle

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(My dad is well into his 70s, but clearly still a massive nerd judging by the recent text message conversation we had:)

Dad: “What time do you get into King’s Cross? I’ll meet you at Platform 9 3/4.”

Me: “About 1:00, as long as I don’t get trapped in London Below.”

Dad: “Mind the Gap, then.”

Me: “I killed the Beast; the Gap minds me!”

Dad: “I’m still scared of the Gap, but my daemon looks after me.”

Me: “Really? What is your daemon?”

Dad: “A medium-sized brown bear. Possibly with wings.”

Me: “Armoured?”

Dad: “No, but he does wear and black and white top hat, with just a flash of red to announce him to other rêveurs.”

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