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Father Abhors A Vacuum

| Related | September 20, 2015

(My mom has bought one of those decorative covers for an upright vacuum cleaner that looks like a giant mouse with an apron on. She then sets it in a place where it can be seen. However, my dad manages to trip over it regularly, and complains about it each and every time he sees it. Dad is also renowned for never doing housework. Then, one day, he decides to vacuum…)

Dad: “Where is the d*** vacuum? I’ve looked all over! It’s not in any of the closets or downstairs.” *this goes on for nearly five minutes with the rest of us just staring at him*

Me: “Really, Dad? You complain about it almost EVERY day, and you can’t find it?”

Dad: “What do you mean? I don’t see it!”

Me: “The giant mouse you trip over all the time?”

Dad: “Oh.”

(We took a picture of him actually vacuuming and marked it on the calendar!)

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