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Fat Chance Of Proper Discipline

| Friendly | September 25, 2014

(I’m an older woman who has trouble with arthritis so whenever I visit public restrooms I use the stall designed for handicapped persons whenever it’s available. I’m currently in the stall when a woman comes in with three children (all screaming about something): a boy and two girls. The boy has to use the restroom but wants the handicap stall. Frustrated that it’s occupied the boy then bends down to look under the door at me.)

Boy: “Wow, you’re fat!”

Mother: “[Boy]! Just use the other stall here.”

Boy: “No way! There’s a fat lady in there! She’ll eat me if I go in!”

(Eventually the boy does go in the next stall and does his business. I’m exiting while he’s still in the stall.)

Mother: “I’m sorry about him.”

Boy: “Well, I’m not! She’s fat!”

(I quickly left before I decided to flush his head!)