Fat Chance Of Listening To Her Opinion

| Friendly | February 5, 2016

(Note pertinent to the story, I am in my late twenties and am very active. My job requires me to be on my feet and constantly moving. I also work out six days a week and mountain and gorge climb. I get a call from my doctor’s office about yearly blood test results.)

Nurse: *fills me in on results, which are good, then pauses* “You probably should think about losing some weight.”

Me: “Sorry, what was that?”

(I’m a little taken aback because my doctor always comments on what good shape I’m in.)

Nurse: *slowly and in a scoffing tone* “You should probably think about losing some weight.”

Me: *confused* “Did my doctor ask you to tell me that?”

Nurse: “Uh, no. But I don’t know why. I have your height and weight listed. And your BMI is so high.”

Me: “Sorry but I don’t think you should give advice the doctor didn’t list. Also BMI from height and weight alone is usually inaccurate for people who live an active lifestyle because it doesn’t account for muscle and fat disbursement and—”

Nurse: *cuts me off* “Wow. You really don’t want to admit you’re obese. I am a medical professional. I should know.”

Me: “Have you even seen me? I’m in better shape than most people.”

Nurse: *scoffs* “No, but I have your stats here and….”

(She continued to berate me about my weight so I hung up. The next time I was in the office I asked if she could not be my nurse and was happy to hear she was fired. I guess I wasn’t the only patient she was giving her own negative advice to!)

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