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Fast Food Restaurants Need Bouncers, Apparently

, , | Right Working | January 19, 2022

I was working in a fast food restaurant. A guy clearly in his thirties was placing an order. At the end, he asked the girl on the till, who was sixteen, for her number. I was nearby and overheard it. Upon refusal, he became pushy.

Customer: “I’ll be better than your boyfriend. I’ll show you a real d**k! I’ll hang around in my car until you finish.”

I decided enough was enough.

Me: “Sir, please stop harassing our staff. If you cannot stop it, I’ll refund you and ask you to leave.”

He began to threaten to choke me to death. The girl on the till was clearly shaken up, so she hid in the back and told the general manager, who came down whilst I was being screamed at about how, apparently, I was jealous of this guy’s confidence and looks.

I reiterated to the manager what had transpired, with other customers and customers backing me up. The manager decided to give the guy a refund and free food and then berated me for causing a scene by cutting in and defending a colleague from potential danger instead of just backing away and ignoring it.

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