Fast Food Is Not Fast Enough

, , , | Right | December 7, 2019

(This airport has a few dozen parking spots for people waiting to pick up arriving passengers. The spots are in groups of three, with pillars next to the outside spots. Each pillar has a sign that clearly states there is a ten-minute time limit, and that vehicles must be attended with their trunks open. They are almost always full, so I normally drive through the pickup area and go to the cell phone waiting lot. Remarkably, I find an open spot and pull in since the person I’m meeting has already landed and does not need to wait on checked luggage. The lady in the next spot over walks up to me.)

Lady: “So, how are you going to open your trunk?”

Me: “I guess I can drop the tailgate if I need to.”

Lady: “I was just curious when I saw you pull in. I parked here and went into the terminal to check on my friend’s flight. I wasn’t gone for more than five minutes and when I got back they were writing me a ticket! They told me I couldn’t leave my car and I had to have the trunk open.” 

Me: *pointing* “There is an electronic notice board that gives you the status of arriving flights. I’m actually surprised to find an available spot. It’s been a few years since I didn’t end up pulling around to the cell phone waiting lot.”

Lady: “Oh! I didn’t see that. I gave myself plenty of time so I got here early, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to drive all the way around again. And it’s not busy. I told that person I’m not from around here. She said I can stay up to a half-hour. It’s just so frustrating. It makes me want to go back to [Fast Food Place] and get the money back I’ve spent in this town.”

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