Fast Food But Instant Complaints

, , | Right | April 6, 2021

I’m working the drive-thru. Some ladies order a side item that takes a couple of minutes to cook fresh, and although we don’t have any that were already prepared, we do have some that are around sixty seconds away from coming up. It’s hardly a long wait, but I guess these women just can’t bear sitting in their air-conditioned car for a single minute, because they sit at my window, screaming and shouting obscenities at me the whole time.

The thing is, with that window closed, I can’t hear a single thing they are saying and effectively ignore them completely. I only find out about it because the next customer in line later tells me about their behavior.

Of course, this just makes them angrier, but at least they have already mostly worn themselves out by the time their food is ready.

When I hand them their order, they look at me with a combination of shock and anger, as though I’ve just deliberately farted in a preacher’s face or something.

Customer: “I can’t believe how long that took!”

The total time they waited was MAYBE a minute and a half, with a good fifteen seconds of that spent whining. I just don’t have the patience to explain the concept of cooking food to a couple of overgrown, tantrum-throwing toddlers.

Thoroughly ignored, they drove off with expressions of shock on their very red faces, and the next customer took their place. She apologizes profusely for their behavior, while also laughing hysterically at the unexpected entertainment she had witnessed. I just smiled and shrugged because it hadn’t bothered me one bit, but if it made her day a little brighter, well…

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