Farmers And Husbands And Badges, Oh My!

, , | Friendly | April 19, 2018

(I work in a hotel. On Saturdays, there is an elderly man who comes in and sits in the lobby. We know him by name, and the people who have been there longer than I have have known him for years. I’ve only been there eight months, so he often asks me personal questions, but repeats them over and over. He’s harmless and sweet, so we just treat him politely.)

Man: “What’s your name?” *looks at my badge* “[Wrong Name]?”

Me: “Close. It’s [My Name].”

Man: “Have I told you about the farmers in Minnesota yet?”

Me: “Yes, you were the one who introduced me to that story.”

Man: “Oh, right.” *pause* “Does your husband work here, too?”

Me: “No.”

Man: “Where does he work?”

Me: *holding up my bare hand* “I’m not married.”

Man: “Oh! I thought you were married, so he’d work somewhere around here.”

Me: “Well, if you ever find my husband, be sure to tell him where I am!”

(He laughed and went back to the lobby chairs. Still no word on my hubby, though.)

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