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Far Too English To Haggle

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2021

I’m English, on holiday with friends, and we visit this rural Virginia village. In a “curiosity” shop, there’s a book that I see and want. I ask how much and I’m told $4. I pull out $5 and offer it to the lady.

Shop Owner: “But don’t you want to haggle?”

Me: “Why should I? $4 is cheap for that book. It’s a good value, and anyone who wants to haggle on that must be a real mean cheapskate.”

Shop Owner: “My goodness, you can’t be from around here. They all want to haggle even if it’s free! Come back again soon!”

I find it ridiculous that people can be so mean that they are reluctant to pay a fair price for a $4 book. The cheapest price for that book online was $19… plus postage and packing

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