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Far Right Doesn’t Make You Right

| Working | July 6, 2017

(This occurs the week after the Brexit result. It’s around five am and I’ve woken up from having a migraine. I don’t have any painkillers in my flat so I decide to go to a local superstore which is open 24 hours. As I only intend it to be a quick visit, I just slip on whatever is nearest to me: basically, the t-shirt I wore the day before, some tracksuit bottoms, a winter jacket, and beanie. I also rarely shave, so at this point I do look quite rough. As I enter the store I am blocked by a security guard.)

Guard: “The booze is off limits.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Guard: “The booze is off limits, not that you could afford it.” *leans close and sniffs* “Smells like you’ve had enough already.”

Me: “Actually I just came for some painkillers. I don’t drink.”

(I try to move around him but he pushes me. The force is enough to make me lose my balance.)

Guard: *laughing* “So pissed you can’t even stand up.”

Me: *getting up* “Look, I only came in here for one thing: a box of paracetamol. I wouldn’t even be able to get alcohol because it’s past midnight. So can I please—”

Guard: “We don’t serve people like you in here.”

Me: “People like me?”

Guard: “Muslim… homeless. It’s all the same. Now get out before I phone the police.”

Me: “Fine, I’ve had enough.”

(I make my way out of the store with the guard following. The guard decides to yell at me that “I’ll be the first to go” once we leave the EU. I get in my car and drive past the front of the store lowering my window. The guard has just realised I’m driving a Merc and is looking quite sheepish.)

Me: “You work at [Store I own, next door] sometimes, don’t you?”

Guard: “What of it?”

Me: “I’ll be re-evaluating my contract with your firm. I don’t want bigots like you working for me.”

(I drove off making a note to contact the superstore as well in the morning. I haven’t seen the guard since. I know this is quite mild in contrast to what has occurred in the wake of the referendum result, but it has only spurred me to fight this wave of discrimination further. To all of you who think the EU referendum or the US Election has given you the right to let your bigoted attitudes out: It hasn’t.)

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