Fantastic Tram Drivers And Where To Find Them

| Working | March 27, 2017

(I am part of a large crowd that has just finished watching a movie screened at an outdoor cinema in the city gardens. We all come piling out of the exits and about thirty of us head for the tram stop, my husband and I included. Shortly, the tram arrives, and somehow we all manage to squeeze on. The following are the tram driver’s announcements we then heard over the intercom, all delivered in a flat, deadpan voice.)

Tram Driver: “Those of you who are standing, please make sure you are grabbing on to something firm, so that you are not stumbling around grabbing on to something soft you didn’t mean to grab.”

(We get to the next stop. Cue some awkward shuffling around for new passengers.)

Tram Driver: *flatly* “There’s plenty of room.”

Tram Driver: “Although now would be a good time to exchange details with each other, to avoid future paternity tests.”

Tram Driver: “Those of you who are standing in the doorways, please do not get caught in the doors when they open or close. This tends to produce a loud screaming noise.”

Tram Driver: “Those of you who wanted a normal tram service should have gotten on any other tram but this one.”

(At one point, there is a lull and the passengers’ laughter dies down to usual quiet murmuring amongst themselves.)

Tram Driver: “You’ve all gone quiet.”

(Laughter again ensues.)

Tram Driver: “Those of you who need to get off at the Arts Precinct, or Southbank Promenade, next stop.”


Tram Driver: “Please note, passengers: key stops are announced for you; however, if you wish to leave the tram please pull the cord, press the button, ask the driver, or say a prayer.”

(Another pause.)

Tram Driver: “I have to ask, where have you lot just come from?”

Passenger #1: “Moonlight cinema!”

Passenger #2:Fantastic Beasts! In the Botanic Gardens.”

Tram Driver: *dryly* “Ohhhh, that.”

(Another pause.)

Tram Driver: “Flinders St Station, next stop.”

Tram Driver: “At least one person has pulled the cord or pressed the button for the next stop. Could you lot please pass that person overhead to the doors?”

(Most of us, including my husband and me, got off there, and there was a small applause and some shouting of thanks for the tram driver. His face was completely deadpan when I passed the front of the tram and waved at him, but he waved back at me all the same. I can’t help wondering if he loved his job or hated it.)

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