Fantasize About Throwing Her Into The Swamp

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(I’m not a student, but I’m visiting a swamp on campus just to relax and enjoy the scenery. I sit down on a bench and start writing in my notebook. A woman sitting on another bench strikes up a conversation. She’s a PhD student and has come to the lake to take a break from doing research on a project.)

Student: “What do you do for a living?”

Me: “I’m unemployed at the moment, but I’ve been looking for a job in publishing. I’m also a writer and want to get a book published.”

Student: “Oh, that’s nice. Writing’s a great way of influencing the world and reporting on things happening now.”

Me: “Well, actually, I mainly write fantasy fiction. But I do think that stories are a great way of influencing people, even fantasy. That’s one of the reasons I love writing.”

(I’d lost her. Her whole demeanor went sour, and the conversation pretty much died at that point. I was amused more than insulted. I’ve encountered a lot of different opinions about writing, and no one’s opinions ever coincide. But I’ve seen plenty of evidence of how fantasy can impact the real world, so that woman’s negative attitude hasn’t affected my outlook.)

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