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Famous Celebrities On Aisle Three

| Right | June 22, 2016

(I am working on stocking shelves when the call for multiple customers at the register goes over the speakers. I run up to a register and call some customers over. One of the customers coming over I recognize as an actor in a TV series I watch regularly. He is also a regular at the store and I know he doesn’t like to be recognized and get bombarded by fans, so I keep my head down and get him out of there as fast as possible. This happens after he leaves.)

Me: *jokingly* “Sorry, miss, I need a second to catch my breath. I must have been holding it.”

Customer: “Did that man make you upset? Oh, no, that won’t do.”

Me: “No, no, miss. I know him and know he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible so I just have to learn to breathe when rushing stuff like this.” *I am now finished scanning her items* “Your total is [total] today.”

Customer: “Well, no wonder he wanted out of here; he is very famous, you know. If you hadn’t rushed him I was going to get him to autograph a couple of things for me. So, thanks for ruining that for me!”

(I was taken slightly by surprise at her change in attitude, so I just handed her the receipt and she left. I guess to please one customer you have to ruin another’s day.)

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