Family Is The Gift That Keeps On Taking

| Related | March 20, 2015

(I am a 27-year-old male. My mother and I have had an extremely rocky relationship, but it seems to have been getting much better over the past few years. She helps out over the run up to my wedding – although it does give her a bit of an attitude, and even on the day she is making me feel like a chastised child. After the first dance, my new husband and I follow all our friends outside to get some fresh air, and I return a few moments later to considerable bustle in the function room.)

Me: “I… Mum, what’s going on? What are you doing?”

Mother: *she is hosting a family BBQ that night; our wedding was in the morning* “I have to go. I have loads to do for tonight. Help me clear off the tables so I can take the tablecloths.”

(I am so stunned and had been talked down to so much by her that day that I just do as she asks without question, removing all the flowers she has bought for the tables. Then I realise this is completely unnecessary.)

Me: “Mum, leave it. Look, we’re staying for at least another hour and a half, maybe longer. [Best Couple] can drop off the tablecloths and anything else tonight. Please, just leave it.”

Mother: “…All right, fine, but don’t forget this, and they need to be put in the bags they came in, and…”

(As she is giving me instructions on the chores she expects me to do on my wedding day, I look at the table which had had gifts and cards, almost all of which are from friends, and almost all of which are missing.)

Me: “Mum, where are our presents?!”

Mother: “Oh, your dad took them out to the car.”

Me: “He what?! Did you not think to ask?! We were going to open them in front of our friends! Most of them are from them, and we can show you them later, but they won’t get another chance!”

Mother: *very huffy* “Well, then, you’d better go and get them back from your dad, hadn’t you? The basket the cards were in is mine, though. I’m taking that now.”

(Completely aghast at the behaviour of my mother, I managed to retrieve the cards and presents from my stepfather – who was just as gracious about it as my mother was. All our friends stayed while my mother left with the decorations she had brought, the bottles of wine my grandmother had paid for, and almost left with the tablecloths and our presents and cards! Thankfully the weather was beautiful and the mood of the entire afternoon lifted by my family leaving, and the rest of the day was absolutely fantastic. Our friends were awesome enough to make up for my family, so the day had a happy ending.)

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