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Family Function Dysfunction

| Related | April 5, 2017

(My husband and I have noticed we stopped getting invitations to his family’s functions.  One Friday evening he takes a phone call.)

Husband: “No, I can’t because I’m working tomorrow.” *pause* “No, [My Name] can’t because she’s working, too.” *pause* “When was this arranged? Because this is the first time I’ve heard of it.” *pause* “Why weren’t we told then? We both could have arranged to have the day off.” *pause* “No, we can’t do that now; it’s too late. It’s the day before and we both have to give two weeks notice.”

(After he hangs up:)

Me: “What was that about?”

Husband: “Apparently there’s a family thing on tomorrow. I’ve come to the conclusion that they only ever remember to tell us when they want us to drive them.”

Me: “Does that mean I won’t get a phone call tomorrow evening from your sister demanding to know why we haven’t turned up to yet another family function?”

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