Falsely Advertising Your Clearly Advertised Date!

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(It’s my first day working at a fabrics and craft store. It’s important to note that during that week, there was a sale from October 19th through the 25th, though in the flier there were coupons that expired throughout the week. A middle-aged man comes through my register. While I’m very friendly and try to be polite while working, I don’t have much tolerance for stupidity.)

Me: “Hi! How are you doing today?”

Customer: “I have a coupon.”

Me: “Okay, I can get that scanned in any point before I hit ‘total.’”

(The customer shoves the coupon in front of the scanner himself, and a message comes up on my screen saying it’s expired.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry; that coupon expired on the twentieth.”

Customer: “The flier’s good all week, though.”

Me: “Absolutely, but the coupon isn’t. See?”

(I turn the monitor towards him so he can see the message.)

Customer: “That’s false advertising!” *shoves the flier at me* “The flier says it’s good until the twenty-fifth!”

Me: *taking that moment to hold the flier to get a proper look* “Yes, but sir, on the coupon it clearly says it expired on the twentieth.”


Me: “Sir, it clearly states an expiration date. The flier is for sales going on this week.”

(I take a highlighter used for marking receipts and mark the expiration date on the coupon.)

Customer: “I’m going to sue you, personally, for false advertising.”

Me: *at my limit* “Good luck. Your item is [amount].”

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