Fall Out Of Bed And Friendship

| Japan | Friendly | June 14, 2014

(A ‘friend’ has very kindly paid for me and my fiancée to spend a period of time in Tokyo with her, regardless of the fact that we can’t afford a trip. We end up being guilted into accepting, and on the third night there she announces we have to change rooms because the hotel booking works out cheaper that way. We don’t think this is a problem until we see the second room: One double bed, one pull-out bed.)

Me: *to my friend* “Is it possible to switch to a room with two queen beds, as the last room had?”

Friend: “No! That is not an option.”

Me: “Oh…”

Friend: “Also, I get to sleep on the double bed since I paid!”

(Our friend expected us – two grown people – to share the tiny little truckle bed whilst she had the double to herself!)

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