Fake News Epidemic Has Hit The Cartoons

, , , , | Working | September 23, 2019

(When it’s slow at work, some of us like to read the news.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], you know the show Arthur?”

Me: “Yeah! I loved that show!”

Coworker: “They have an article about it on [Local News Website]. It said the show was kicked off PBS because there’s a gay character.”

Me: “What?! I didn’t know there was a gay character! Who was it, Buster? Binky?”

Coworker: “No, it was the teacher.”

Me: “Mr. Ratburn? I don’t remember him being gay.”

Coworker: “Yeah, it said he had a gay wedding, so the show was kicked off PBS.”

Me: “That’s shocking. You’d think in this day and age they’d be okay with a gay wedding. I guess maybe a lot of parents complained? Mr. Ratburn deserves to be happy; he deserves love, too!”

Manager: *in her office and can’t hear our conversation well* “Did you say Arthur was kicked off the show for being gay?”

Me: “No, she said the show was kicked off PBS because there was a gay wedding.”

Manager: “WHAT?! That’s not right!”

Assistant: “I’m going to look it up. What was this on, [Local News Website]?”

Coworker: “Yeah.”

Me: “I’m going to look it up, too.”

Manager: “I can’t believe they did that! You’d think they’d want to teach kids that being gay is okay!”

Assistant: “Oh. My. God. [Coworker], that’s not what happened!”

Coworker: “What do you mean?”

Assistant: “It says, ‘Arthur kicked off 22nd season on PBS with gay wedding.’”

Me: “Oh, my… [Coworker!]”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “You read it wrong! The season was kicked off with a gay wedding! The show wasn’t kicked off the network!”

Coworker: “Oh, I guess I read it wrong.”

Me: “Hashtag ‘fake news.’”

Coworker: “I didn’t even know Arthur was still around.”

Me: “Me, neither.”

Manager: “Okay, what happened?”

Me: “[Coworker] was spreading fake news. Arthur is apparently still around and making new episodes. They started the new season with a gay wedding. The show wasn’t booted from PBS.”

(That made the slow period of the day go by a bit quicker, and we continued making jokes about the situation for the rest of the day.)

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