Faith In The Future

| Learning | November 25, 2013

(I go to a public school, so many religions are represented. I am a Christian, and I am talking to a Muslim classmate. We agree that there are differences between our religions, and we look for the similarities.)

Muslim Classmate: “Really, there are more things the same than different.”

Me: “Yeah. Take care of the poor, love everyone, serve the community. Shame there’s so much hate in the world.”

(Right on cue, another classmate walks up to us.)

Classmate: “So, you must really hate each other, right?”

Muslim Classmate: “No, we get along just fine.”

Classmate: “Yeah, but you’re one of them, and she’s Christian.”

Me: “One of them?”

Classmate: “Yeah, a terrorist.”

Me: “Have you seen her terrorize anyone?”

Classmate: “No, but—”

Me: “Or issue threats or any type of hateful message?”

Classmate: “No, but that hijab—”

Me: “—is a sign of her faith, one that’s core message is peace and has been corrupted by culture, not the religion itself. If anything, you are the terrorist, encouraging hatred and racism based on religion.”

(The classmate turns bright red and runs off.)

Muslim Classmate: “Thank you. No one’s ever stood up for me, especially since I started wearing my hijab.”

Me: “Personally, I think it’s beautiful. Anyway, where were we?”

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