Faith In Humanity, In A Box

| Working | January 1, 2016

(The store I work at has a deli that is offering boxed Thanksgiving dinners and party platters made to order. I am alone for the holiday and see if there are smaller, personal-sized meals, and am told there are none.)

Deli Manager: “You know, we’re still doing the employee dinner in the break room. You can make yourself a plate and take it home!”

Me: “I guess that’s true. Thanks anyway!”

(The next day, I come in to work and find the deli manager looking around, a pink paper in her hands. She spots me and approaches.)

Deli Manager: “Hey, uh, sorry, but I just found out we’re not doing the employee dinner this year after all…”

Me: “Aw, that’s a shame… I was really looking forward to—”

Deli Manager: *handing me the paper, which turns out to be an order receipt* “So I took the liberty of ordering you a boxed dinner, on me.”

Me: “Wait. Wait, are you serious?!”

Deli Manager: *smiling* “We’ll have it ready for pick-up the day before Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!”

(According to the receipt, not ONLY did she buy me one of the family-sized boxed dinners, but she also bought me two party platters, a drink, and a bag of chips. She bought me so much food so I would have plenty of leftovers later, since I was low on savings that month!)

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