Fair Behavior Is Not In His Book

| Working | March 12, 2015

(My boss has just gotten off the phone with the public library. She has been trying to rent a room to host a book signing in.)

Boss: “They said because I’m selling the books I would have to PAY to rent a room. I can’t believe it. I’m the only bookstore in town. Do they want me to close down? You’d think they would support me. As a bookstore I’m practically a public service, just like them. They shouldn’t ask me to pay.”

(A few days later:)

Customer: “Could I put this flyer in your window about our school’s upcoming concert?”

Boss: “No, we only put posters up about our books, or book related activities.”

(The customer leaves.)

Boss: “Can you believe that? Why should we fill up our window space with that junk. That’s what the library is for. I’m running a business, not a public service.”

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