Faint Hopes For Humanity

, , | Hopeless | July 26, 2016

(My boyfriend and I are on our way to Cologne, where a group of YouTubers we are huge fans of have an event. Our train ride is supposed to last two hours – leaving us with two hours to get to the event – but already is one and a half hours late due to damages to the rails. An hour away from Cologne, we have to switch trains, where we have to stand. It’s hot, with sticky air, no air conditioning, and I have a history of heat strokes. After half an hour of standing, my boyfriend gets a seat, so I sit on his lap.)

Me: *after my hearing gets muted, a sign of fainting for me* “I’m feeling sick.”

Boyfriend: “Drink something, here.”

Me: *after drinking something, staring ahead* “I’m going to faint.”

(I don’t really remember what happened next, but my boyfriend said I slumped down against his chest. He called for help. People in the whole compartment started getting busy – fetching me more water, getting magazines to fan fresh air in my direction, bubblegum for sugar, and a bag in case I throw up, putting me in the right position, and so on. A few people stayed with us the whole time, making sure I’m fine! But that’s not it. We finally get to the event, it’s awesome, and afterwards it’s time for getting autographs. We stand in line for three hours – in the hot air I mentioned before. We had to leave our drinks before getting to the event, due to the location’s rules, so no one had anything to drink, only empty bottles. Suddenly, a guy starts calling out.)

Guy: “Empty bottles, anyone? We have a sink here!”

(People start handing around bottles of water, milk containers filled with water, everything they could find. Some people even stood on chairs and fanned air for everyone. Then, finally, it’s my turn for autographs.)

YouTuber: “Do you want a selfie or picture?”

Me: “I’d love to, but my phone’s empty. Long train ride, delays, the usual story.”

Random Person: *from the crowd behind me* “I’ll take the picture for you and then I’ll upload it for you!”

Me: “Thank you so much!”

YouTuber: “We have the BEST community! So nice and helpful!”

(And she did! The group consisted of five people, so the conversation repeated with every one of them. And each time, someone – even a YouTuber himself – offered to take a picture for me! It was a horrible day of travelling, fainting, and missing connections, but the people made it so much better!)

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