Failure To Lunch

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I worked in an office. It had just come to lunchtime and I was starving. I opened the fridge but there was nothing in there. I mean nothing! The refrigerator hadn’t been that empty since they rolled it off the delivery truck. The shelves were wiped off and there wasn’t even a leftover ketchup packet inside.

We had two refrigerators, so I checked the other one because I figured that maybe I had forgotten which one I put my lunch in. Nope. That one was completely empty, too! 

Apparently, someone decided to clean the fridge without alerting anyone; in doing so, they threw out everyone’s lunches — stuff with people’s names on it, fast food with dated receipts from that day taped to the bag, even people’s Tupperware and lunch bags from home! It was all gone. 

The garbage cans were freshly replaced, with new bags and everything. The dumpster had been fed people’s personal property.

My outraged yelling of, “WHO THE F*** THREW OUT EVERYTHING IN HERE?!” got other people’s attention. 

There were a lot of gasps, a lot of swearing, and then we had a mob descending upon the manager’s office like a swarm of locusts, basically yelling out complaints at him. He was confused at first, and then he just stared, dumbfounded, as the more comprehensive story came out.

We had employees with medical reasons for needing to eat at a certain time. We had employees who had their medications in the bags and Tupperware with their food!

The manager basically ran past the mob to stare into the refrigerators in horror and then made phone calls. He basically ended up using the company card to get food delivered, as that was priority for the people who could be hospitalized if they didn’t eat.

He did some sleuthing and that’s how he found out that someone at the right level of incompetence got it into their head to clean both refrigerators of everything ever, not just the stuff in the back that grew fur.

There was an uproar that resulted in some very unhappy higher-ups facing a horde of employees who were just short of demanding torches and pitchforks. There was a lot of running around in a panic at first, but basically, the company decided with respectable haste to reimburse the cost of lost medication, and they soon established rules about cleaning the refrigerators. 

Why this wasn’t already in effect, I’ll never know.

The person responsible? Unnamed officially, but quietly let go shortly after the incident.

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