Failure On Aisle Three

| Related | February 14, 2012

(I am shopping at a local department store with my wife and 2 kids. I am pushing our 5-year-old son in the shopping cart, my wife is trailing behind with our 2-year-old daughter in the stroller. As we finish browsing one aisle, an old man has his cart parked across the end of the aisle, next to a stand-up display, effectively blocking the whole aisle so no one can get past.)

Me: “Excuse me.”

(The old man ignores me.)

Me: *a little louder* “Excuse me, please.”

(The old man sighs, and ignores me again.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir.”

(I grab his cart and moved it out of the way. The old man sighs extremely loud, waits until I get past, then angrily slams his cart back to previous blocking position, directly in front of my wife.)

Wife: “Excuse me, too!”

(The old man angrily takes his cart, and flings it across the aisle, where it crashes into the display, knocking quite a bit of it down and making a very large racket. My five-year-old son raises up his hand to point a finger directly at the old man.)

Son: “Fail!”

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