Failed To Make Her Point

| UK | Learning | January 9, 2015

(In my French class we are rewarded points if we make a valid contribution to the lesson. We only receive points if we are correct, however. Some people care more about points than others:)

Teacher: “All right, who can spell out the past participle of ‘descendre’?”

Student: *raises hand* “Oh, me!” *spells out word*

Teacher: *kindly* “Not quite. You see, because it is in the feminine case, you needed to add an extra ‘e’ on the end.”

Student: *moans dramatically* “Ohhhh!”

(The class looks at Student in confusion.)

Student: *tearing up* “I HATE French!”

(At this point everyone, including the teacher, is shocked, because she is the best teacher any of us have had. She is also very new, so we have been trying to make her feel welcome. The rest of the class begins to argue with Student.)

Classmate #1: “Why did you say that?!”

Me: “This is the best teacher we’ve ever had!”

Classmate #2: “That’s not fair!”

Teacher: *surprised, but indifferent* “All right, all right, calm down…”

(The class’s quiets enough for us to hear Student’s defense.)

Student: *tearfully* “But I wanted a point…”

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