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Failed The Name Game, Part 10

, , , , | Right | April 5, 2021

I work for a company which sells DVDs and CDs, among other things. One of our services is that we can order in most movies, etc., as long as you leave us a name, a phone number, and a deposit. When it arrives in store all you do is give your surname and we get it out for you.

A customer comes in on a quiet hour asking to pick up her order, and I go through the usual script.

Me: “Okay, and what surname was that under?”

Customer: “You don’t remember my name?! You made this order for me!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but that was almost three weeks ago. Could I please get your surname?”

Customer: “Okay, fine, the order’s under [Customer].”

While I’m looking in the file for her order, I can hear her huffing and puffing at how long I’m taking, and I realise there is no DVD held under her surname. This isn’t uncommon; sometimes come in meaning to ask IF their order is in but ask as if it already is.

Me: “Okay, there’s nothing here under [Customer]. Did you get your text message to say it was here? Or did the order maybe get placed using your phone number but someone else’s name?”

Customer: “Yes, you idiot! Are you going to keep wasting my time? Of course, I know what my own f****** name is! People like you are the reason the world is the way it is right now, harassing the elderly—”

She’s middle-aged.

Customer: “—and squeezing them for every second and every cent. I’m going to [Other Australian Retailer with a smaller variety of DVDs]! F*** yoouuuuu!”

With this, she left, muttering how useless I was and how dumb I had to be to question whether she knew what her own bloody name was, but not before throwing down her original receipt, which contained the details I needed to find her order.

Her order was under a different name; she’d given me her nickname! I’m not so sure now if she did know her name, after all.

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