Failed The Draft

| Working | October 22, 2014

(I’ve drafted a report, which I hand to my supervisor to proofread. He scribbles down some annotations in red pen and hands it back to me. I go back to my desk to update it. Quarter of an hour later, he comes over to see how I’m progressing. He promptly picks up the draft copy off the desk.)

Supervisor: “Why is this covered in red pen? You need to keep reports neat!”

Me: “Er… that’s the draft you’re looking at. You put the red pen there.”

Supervisor: *ignores me* “I told you to extend this section here. Why haven’t you done it?”

Me: “I have, if you’ll just look at the computer screen.”

Supervisor: *continues reading the draft* “Why haven’t you moved this paragraph to here?”

Me: “Again, I have, could you please look at the copy I’m actually working on.”

Supervisor: “If you’re not going to listen to me, there’s no point in me checking it. Now get on with updating it!”

(He actually did this several times while I was working there. I suspect he was doing it deliberately.)

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