Failed Like A Boss

| Working | February 22, 2014

(I work in a high-stress environment with a boss that is a little hard to work with.)

Boss: “So, [My Name], what have you got to do today?”

Me: “Well, I really need to finish the performance data.”

Boss: “WHAT! You said that was finished! Oh, no. What are we going to do?! You have really let me down this time!”

Me: “No, no, just listen. I provided the first half, I am on target as discussed. But they are eventually going to need the rest and there is a lot of work left to do.”

Boss: *suddenly cheerful* “Oh, well. Thats good, then. Don’t worry about it. Do that next week.”

(The very next day…)

Boss: “Oh, [My Name], I had a meeting yesterday. They want the rest of that data. I need it by lunchtime.”

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