Failed In The Heat Of The Moment

| Related | January 22, 2014

(I have to be out of town for a while, so I ask my brother to look after my pet chinchilla. My brother fancies himself to be very smart and agrees.)

Me: “Make sure you don’t let it become too hot, or it might get heat stroke. Thanks. Bye!”

(I leave and when I come back, my brother has turned on the heat so high I can feel it and take off my coat.)

Me: “I’m back! Why did you turn on the heat when I told you that chinchillas can’t stand being hot?”

Brother: “I’m not freezing because of your stupid pet. Just be grateful I took care of it at all!”

Me: “There’s no need to be rude. Why didn’t you put something over the vent in the room where you kept it to keep the hot air out? That way you could be warm and it could be cold.”

Brother: “I… didn’t think of that.”

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