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Failed At Cheating

| Learning | June 20, 2015

(We are taking an electronic test on a computer and I am placed next to classmate who is known for cheating off of people. I notice he is cheating off of me halfway in the test and decide to have some fun with it.)

Classmate: *tries to subtly lean back without capturing my attention*

Me: *adjusts screen so he can’t see*

Classmate: *tries to act like he’s stretching and pushes my computer screen back*

(At this point I decide to mess with him and select every wrong answer and pretend to submit it. After he submits it I move away and pretend to charge my computer and change my answers back. A week later we get our scores back.)

Classmate: “Aw, what? I got a 68?!”

Me: “Woah, really? I got a 98.”

Classmate: “That’s impossible. This test is rigged.”

Me: “No, you just suck at cheating.”

(He tried to defend himself but failed and walked away embarrassed.)

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