Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 3

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(I mostly travel by bus if I need to go somewhere downtown. The bus arrives late, and several others form a neat queue to get on. Having arrived late to the stop, and having had to yield to a passing cyclist, I’m right next to the bus, maybe three metres behind the last person in the queue. They get on, and I arrive at the door just as it starts closing, snagging my jacket, nearly trapping my arm in the door. I notice he’s not paying any attention to the passenger side of the bus, being busy checking for overtaking cars and traffic. I barely manage to untangle my jacket as the bus sets off, making me angrily knock the glass in the door. The driver slams the brakes, only then noticing me. He opens the door:)

Driver: “If you wanna get on the f****** bus, be at the f****** stop on time, you fat c***! I’m already late.”

Me: *now very angry* “The f*** did you just call me?!”

(While it’s true that I am fat, I don’t particularly appreciate a complete stranger being this rude to me.)

Me: “I was right next to the f****** bus!”

Driver: “The h*** you were! I didn’t see you!”

Me: “Since I’m such a fat c***, you couldn’t possible have failed to notice me, in full daylight, in my bright red T-shirt and green jacket, if you’d bothered to f****** check your g**d***ed mirror, but you were too f****** busy looking the other way! You almost trapped my f****** arm in the door!”

Driver: “Oh, boo-f******-hoo! Now sit the f*** down before I throw you off!”

(I was so pissed off, I forgot to swipe my bus pass, only remembering after the driver reminded me. A complaint was lodged!)

Fail To The Bus Driver
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