Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 2

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(I am riding the bus from New York City to Toronto, Canada. The bus stops at a town in upstate New York to let off some passengers. One man who is in an aisle seat gets up, probably because his seatmate wants to get off. The man gets off the bus so he won’t block the aisle, to get back on after the passengers headed for that town get off. After the passengers finish getting off, the driver closes the door and leaves. Outside the bus, the man is chasing the bus. The remaining passengers shout to alert the driver, but the bus driver ignores the passengers. One of the passengers even gets up to the driver to tell him that they left a passenger stranded, but the driver keeps going. Eventually, the bus stops at Buffalo, a city just before the Canadian border, switching drivers as the previous driver’s shift is over. When the bus stops at the border so the passengers can clear customs, the Canadian customs officers freaks out upon seeing a bag without an owner.)

Driver: “Whose bag is it?”

Passenger: “The other driver stranded a man somewhere in upstate New York.”

Driver: “What the f***?”

(So, the bus and the passengers crossed the border, leaving a bag stranded at the Canadian border.)

Fail To The Bus Driver

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