Fail To The Bus Driver

, , , | Learning | April 15, 2018

(I usually drop my younger brother off at his bus stop when I have the chance. On this particular morning, the school bus hasn’t shown up. However, a strange bus sped by a few minutes ago. My brother starts to get worried, thinking it might have been a substitute driver who didn’t recognize the stop, despite the students waiting with backpacks on the sidewalk. When it’s clear that his school bus really isn’t coming, I call the bus service.)

Me: “Hi, my brother’s bus hasn’t arrived yet, and there are several kids waiting. It’s bus [regular number].”

Employee: “Let me check on that.”

(Hold ensues.)

Employee: “You have a substitute bus today: [different number]. The driver said he already made that stop and there was no one there.”

Me: “Wait, did you say [different number]? It drove through without stopping!”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but it’s already on its way to the school. There’s nothing I can do.”

Me: *sighing* “It’s okay; I’ll just drive my brother to school. There are still other kids here, though. I don’t know what they’ll do.”

Employee: “Uh… The bus will be there in five minutes.”

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