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The Fabric Of A Bad Sale

, , , | Working | February 2, 2018

(My manager is close to being a shopping addict and always has stock put aside for her to buy. A customer comes in looking a specific fabric. She looks all over our fabric area before coming to me.)

Customer: “Can you help me find [specific fabric]?”

Me: “I haven’t heard of that one.”

Customer: “I saw it at [Other Location] but they didn’t have enough of it left. They told me that you still had plenty of it on the computer.”

Me: “I’ll take a look myself.” *I call up the item in the inventory and see that we should have a full roll of 30 metres* “Perhaps it’s not been put out yet; let me look to see if it’s in the dock.”

(I can’t find it down there, either, and have a quick look in the office, just in case. The manager is on one of her megalong phone calls and turns her back on me, which means she doesn’t want to be disturbed.)

Customer: “How did you go?”

Me: “No, it must be still on its way. It’s very strange because it should be here. Can I take your name for when it comes in?”

Customer: “No, I really need it today. Can you call [Different Location] and see if they have it? I’m not going to rely on what the other store said they had.”

Me: “Sure.”

(I call the other store and am put on hold for 10 to 15 minutes before they come back to say they have it. I ask the customer for her details.)

Customer: “It’s [Customer] and [phone number]. Oh, can you ask if they have [expensive sewing machine] there, too?”

(I ask, and they put me back on hold.)

Me: *to customer* “We have that machine here, too; you could get it here.”

Customer: “No, I wanted to do it in one transaction.”

(She leaves for the other store after they confirm they have the machine. I have been with her for around half an hour with no sale to show for it. I head to the office to talk to the manager about the missing fabric and mention losing a sewing machine sale because we didn’t have it.)

Manager: “Oh, we do have that fabric; it’s over there behind the machines.”

(I go over to see the whole range of new fabric rolls tucked in a corner, hidden behind the sewing machines I could have sold. Machines are kept locked in the office, but we are not allowed to have any other stock in there. We lost a $700 sale because we didn’t have $12 worth of fabric.)

Me: “What’s it doing in here?”

Manager: “I want to buy it all and am waiting for the half-price sale. How much did she want?”

Me: “Just two metres.”

Manager: “I would have let her have two metres. Why didn’t you ask me?”

Me: “I didn’t know you had hidden it in here, and you were on the phone.”

(The end of the day comes, and the manager notices we didn’t hit our budget quota.)

Manager: “Look at that. If you had sold that machine to that lady like you were supposed to, we would have made budget.”

(The blame was put on me. I still have no idea why she would have wanted 300 metres of pyjama fabric.)

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