Extratesticular Activities

| Rochester, NY, USA | Learning | March 28, 2013

(I work for a foreign language professor at my university. I’m sitting in the student workers’ office with another student and we’re discussing our experiences studying abroad through the school’s programs.)

Student: “The language school in France was nice because it was connected to the university there. Sometimes they hosted programs so you could hang out with the other foreigners and meet French kids from the university to practice your French with.”

Me: “The one in Berlin was nice too, but since it was just a language school, I didn’t really have a chance to meet any Germans. At least the school had programs to get the students together and—”

(My earring suddenly gets caught on my scarf.)

Me: “—f***!”

Student: *awkward pause*

Me: “Well, that came out rather differently than I’d intended.”

(I meant to say that we could get together with the other students to speak German!)

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