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Extra Chicken Chicken

| Related | April 20, 2016

(My sister and I are making dinner. I had understood that we were making spaghetti, so when I come in I begin asking questions because it does not look like spaghetti preparations.)

Me: “I thought we were making spaghetti.”

Sister: “We are.”

Me: “So, why are you pulling out chicken?”

Sister: “Because chicken goes in spaghetti.”

Me: “Okay. You sure? Ah, it’ll be fine.”

(I watch for a few seconds while my sister adds seasonings to the chicken.)

Me: “Why are you putting chicken broth on the chicken?”

Sister: “Chicken broth?”

Me: “Yes, you are putting chicken broth on the chicken.”

Sister: “It will season it!”

Me: “Yes, it will taste like chicken.”

Sister: *sounds flustered* “I want the chicken to taste like chicken! And I’m tired!”