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Extra Beer In Germany? Shocking

, , , , | Right | June 6, 2021

I’m waiting tables at a Greek restaurant in the summer. I have a party of ten to twelve people in their thirties celebrating a birthday at a table outside of the restaurant. Everything goes smoothly and they have fun, ordering their dinner and drinking beer.

When I want to clear their plates, one of them complains jokingly.

Customer: “We’re always out of beers! Why don’t you bring us five beers every time you come outside, and just put them on the table here and we’ll pass them around as needed?”

Dutiful and with a huge smile — big table, funny as can be, and drinking their heads off — I comply and bring more beer than ever outside and am always greeted by “oohs” and “ahhs” and sometimes clapping and comments like, “You saved the day!”

I have a lot of fun and think to myself that this will be the table that will be tipping the most, and certainly, I have genuine fun waiting on them. They leave sometime later and my boss rings them up. When I ask, they have left no tip — in Germany, it is common but not necessary to leave a tip — and I’m a little bummed.

The next day, the birthday boy himself and his girlfriend come back and ask for me. I get €50 as a tip for the last evening.

Customer: “I was so d*** drunk last night that I forgot about the tip! I wanted to thank you for making that possible for my friends and me. I’m sorry for forgetting.”

They made my day and I had another delightful shift with my tip money in my back pocket!

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