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Extending Your Understanding

| Learning | June 17, 2015

(I am an English teacher. The head of my department isn’t known for planning ahead. With a presentation my students have, the plan is to get their drafts back the Thursday, work on them on Friday, and present them on Monday.  We have photo days on the Thursday and Friday, meaning half the students were out of class most of the lessons. On Thursday…)

Student #1: “[Two other students] and I will be out all weekend for a rowing competition. Can we all get extensions, please?”

Student #2: “Hey, I will be away on a music camp all week. Could I get an extension?”

(Four more people went on that camp and got extensions in my class!)

Student #3: “I’ll be here for five more minutes before I have to go for photos. I won’t be here at all for tomorrow’s lesson. Could I get an extension? I won’t get enough time to finish it otherwise.”


Head Of English: “Why are you giving out so many extensions?! I had 12 people come to me wanting forms! They don’t grow on trees, you know!”

Me: “I believe it was you who said that I can’t change a due date under any circumstances, and with 12 people who need extra time, what else am I going to do?”

Head Of English: “Unless if they have special needs, they shouldn’t deserve any extensions!”

Me: “…”

(Later, to my students:)

Me: “Right, change of plans, guys. You can’t get extensions. Instead what’s going to happen is I’m going to my grandmother’s funeral down in Perth for the week… I’ve always wanted to go to Perth! I suppose that gives you an extra week to ‘practice’ doesn’t it?”

(They all passed with high grades!)

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