Extend Your Information And They Might Connect You

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The company I work for is owned by one family, and several members of the family work in various positions around the company. The call center fields a lot of calls from solicitors trying to get a hold of various family members to schmooze or sell products, etc. We’re told if callers can provide a full name and/or extension just to put them through, no matter how “spammy” it sounds. That’s a very generously low bar, I think, for solicitors, but apparently still too high for some.

Solicitor: “Hi, I was looking for Mr. [Family Name].”

Me: “Do you have a first name or an extension?”

Solicitor: “No, but I was just talking to him. Mr. [Family Name]. Can you put me through?”

Me: “I understand that you’re trying to reach Mr. [Family Name], but there are several Mr. [Family Name]’s in my directory, and I need to know which one I should transfer you to, or if you have an extension.”

Solicitor: “I don’t have that information.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t transfer you without a full name or extension.”

Solicitor: “You don’t seem to understand. We were talking about a big-time contract for [something our company doesn’t even do], and we got cut off. Put me through to Mr. [Family Name]. You know, the guy who owns your company. We were just talking. I don’t know what else I can provide you.”

Me: “As I said, you can provide me with a full name or extension. Since you were just talking to Mr. [Family Name], I’m sure at some point you’ll be able to remember his first name.” *Click*

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